Banshee Dust: Research Chemicals Review

In the market, we can find many research chemicals that are widely popular among recreational drug enthusiasts, mainly because these products are still legal despite the authorities actually know that people are using them in other unusual ways.

On this occasion, we are going to talk about Banshee Dust, which is one of the many research chemicals that enters in this particular group. This substance is also popularly known as Legal Madam, Legal E, and Mitsubishi.

According to Smokeys Chem Site, a store of research chemicals online, this substance creates an effect similar to the one produced by mephedrone, which, in fact, is banned by the law in most countries. The stimulation of the organism is really diversified, going from happiness, sex drive boost, euphoria, a slow-motion feeling, restlessness, and many others.

The right dosage to get the desired effect is between 100 and 1000 mg, totally depending on the person’s organism. There are reported cases of people that doesn’t get the effects, even when consuming more than 1100 mg.

If the body receives an exaggerated amount of Banshee Dust, the person could experience several days of high levels of energy and difficulty to fall asleep.